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Strengthen the immune system, relieve fatigue, normalize sleep and body health in 5 minutes of practice a day
Individual approach to each client
We make boards from valuable wood species
Own production of elite nails for practitioners
on the magical island of Bali,
your individual Sadhu Board from 115$
on the magical island of Bali,
your individual
Sadhu Board from 115 $
on the magical island of Bali,
your individual
Sadhu Board from 115 $
on the magical island of Bali,
your individual
Sadhu Board from 115 $
Индивидуальный подход к каждому клиенту
Изготавливаем доски из ценных пород дерева
Собственное производство элитных гвоздей
Individual approach to each client
We make boards from valuable wood species
Own production of elite nails
5 changes in your life after practicing standing on nails
There are more of them. We have listed the main
and you will stop being nervous about trifles
Combine a contrast shower, hardening, going to the masseur and get the effect of standing on nails.

You will get sick less often, learn to control emotions
Strengthen the nervous and immune systems of the body
Without extra pills and trips to the doctors
1 minute of standing on nails is equivalent to walking 5 km barefoot. Blood circulation increases, nutrition of all internal organs improves.

All this rejuvenates the body and will allow you to keep healthy
You will live longer for several years
and they give free rein to all the accumulated emotions
And this is not a joke.

It is not customary to talk about this publicly, but many girls are rediscovering themselves, getting to know their body better
You will experience new sensations from tears to orgasms
It will become easier to achieve any goals
Nails will become a tool of self-development for you and a voluntary way out of your comfort zone.

You will learn to cope with difficulties, become stronger mentally and expand your comfort zone
Train your willpower and you will be able to do more
and you begin to live life to the fullest
During practice, you prepare for direct communication with yourself.

Calms the mind with a simple meditation, get rid of unnecessary noise in the head, obsessive thoughts, stop looking for someone else's approval
Work out the clamps, fears and intentions
Getting up on nails, you fall into a strong energy state
You will learn how to turn pain into pleasure
Someone may start to feel dizzy or shed tears, want to scream, laugh or, conversely, calm down and save energy. All this will reflect your strategy of behavior in all situations
With the help of constant practice, you:
After the sessions, you will feel vivacity and self-confidence, improved mood and self-esteem
learn to control yourself
you will find harmony
you will get pleasure and benefit for the body
both on nails and in everyday life
Examples of our work
We make each Board individually for you with Love, Faith and Soul!
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How will we make your board?
All 6 stages take from 1 to 3 days.
During this time, we subtly connect the board with its future owner and do not spoil its energy during manufacture.
Painstakingly and carefully in 2-3 hours we will cut out the smooth shape of the future Board-Sadhu
We will cut out the shape of the board according to the template you have chosen
We will correct possible shortcomings of milling cutting
We will polish the finished sketch and check the nail holes
Heat the board to 30 degrees so that the oil is absorbed into the wood and retains its properties
We will apply valuable oil and cover with varnish
without a hammer or other tools, preserving the energy of the board. From 3 hours for one pair of boards
Manually fill the holes securely with nails
We will add a magnetic fixation for ease of use
We will polish the ends and nails
The second layer will be covered with varnish for increased contrast and durability of the image
Let's put an individual image on the board
The case is included
A convenient case
for your board
This is a small gift from heart to heart to each of our clients
About the Author
He opened the production of Sadhu Boards in Russia and Bali.
I pay special attention to spiritual and physical health:
Let's get acquainted
My name is Ilshat, I'm 27
An important craft in my life is those very custom-made Sadhu Boards. Each Board is made individually for you, linking your energy with the energy of the board.
- yoga
- meditations
- karate-kyokushin
- author of the book "The Seeker"
- vegan since the age of 18
That's why they're magical!
We work every day and improve the quality of our product for the benefit of you, my dear!

I thank each of you for your trust!
You trusted me, I trusted you ❤️
All workers in production are fond of their work, putting a piece of themselves into each product!
  • Danil
    General Director
    A sociable, kind and charismatic manager of our company, who bears the lion's share of responsibility
  • Ariana
    Master in production
    Every Sadhu Board goes through it. Hardworking and modest, - loves and appreciates his work
  • Kadek
    Specialist in the manufacture of nails
    A kind and hardworking specialist with a big heart. A modest and friendly person who is irreplaceable in production
  • Surya
    Master of carving
    A very talented craftsman with golden hands who can draw incredible and unimaginable drawings on wood. His work is a real work of art
  • Widastri
    With love and faith sews the best covers for your instrument
  • Viana
    Production assistant
    Our small and hardworking assistant who performs big and responsible work
  • Nirma
    Our personal and reliable courier who delivers your orders safely in Bali
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Are you afraid not to please with a Board?
Let the recipient assemble his own individual Boards-Sadhu!
Боитесь не угодить с Досочкой?
Пусть получатель сам соберет свои индивидуальные Доски-Садху!
Satisfied customers from all over the world
"Nails top!"
"Great job, bravo!"
"Thank you for the best boards!"
"I've been looking for an engraving for a very long time, and this is the one."
"Quality of manufacture 10/10 magic nails"
"Very beautiful and warm, it seems to me that energy comes from them"
"The design is even better than I could have imagined!"
"Quickly manufactured and delivered! They look great. I'll try it out soon"
"On the other hand, like this!"
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